Willi Footwear Womens Slim Thongs Navy


Brand Willi Footwear

    • Slim fit base with slim straps
    • Tapered foot-bed with extra soft premium light-weight PE rubber
    • Foot-bed moulds to the shape of your feet
    • Unisex size is moulded on the heel
    • Premium soft PVC foot straps
    • Boomerang plugs allow the straps to be interchangeable
    • Boomerang plugs are designed to minimise blow outs and can easily be pushed back through the base instead of snapping off completely.

    Our interchangeable thongs have been designed to allow you to easily customise your colours and style in less than 30 seconds... no tools, no fuss!

    Create as many different colour combinations as you like!

    The boomerang plugs have also been designed to help minimise the dreaded “blow out” (when the plug snaps off). If, for some reason you get ‘unplugged’, you should be able to simply push the plug back through the hole in the base of the thong.