Fuel Clothing Co. are dedicated to working with, supporting and growing the local community in the Brisbane Area. 


Dean and Amanda Broten  



Skate Team


Jett Stanton's Picks

 Folklore Fibretech Lite 8",Venture Light Trucks,Folklore wheels, Adidas Footwear, Fuel Clothing 4171Tees




James Phillips Picks

Fuel deck 8.125", Venture Trucks, Spitfire F4 Wheels, Adidas Footwear, Fuel Clothing Tees



Bailey Ussher Picks

Fuel deck 8", Venture Trucks, Bones Wheels, Fuel Clothing Tees




Kai Roden

Fuel Deck,Thunder Hollow Lights, Bones Wheels, Adidas Footwear, Fuel tees





Nick Tierney Picks

Fuel Deck 8.25", Indy Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Nike SB, Fuel 4171 Tees



Eli Picks

Fuel 7.75" Level II Complete, Fuel Tees, Rock Your Kid Shorts, Vans Footwear, TSG Helmet


Ollie Picks

Nikon Camera, Fuel Tees, Nike Sb Footwear, Any Snapbacks