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Fashion is such a fickle thing don't you think?  It is so easy to shop for and find a gorgeous new treasure to add to your collection every week, only to end up with a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear....

The Secret Life of Stan Smith Revisited


Today, in an exclusive documentary by adidas Skateboarding, Stan Smith announces that he is, always was, and always will be a skateboarder.

Stanley Roger Smith, two time Grand Slam singles champion and one of the greatest tennis players of all time, finally reveals that behind the tennis hero, was a skate rat who was forced to hide his roots and don the clean cut tennis whites.

"Stan Smith had an incredible style.  I mean not only in dress sense, but also in the way he rode his board."  Mark Gonzales

"Mark Gonzales is like the Pablo Picasso of skateboarding, but apparently Mark Gonzales is like a diet Stan Smith."Tim O'Connor

In this exclusive interview, which includes never seen footage of his youth, Stan openly talks about his passion and his retrospective journey from behind the racket and onto the board with his new adidas Skateboarding Stan Smith model.   

Stan admits that the original Stan Smith shoe was designed strategically with both the court and board in mind and is 'over the moon' that he has been able to make technical adjustments for that premium board control and comfort.  He also concedes that thankfully this model will be released in colours to match the rest of his attire - 'unlike popular belief I do not spend my days in white and green'.
Enjoy the roll,
August 02, 2015 by Fuel Clothing