Capsule building for your casual wardrobe

Fashion is such a fickle thing don't you think?  It is so easy to shop for and find a gorgeous new treasure to add to your collection every week, only to end up with a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear. Sound familiar? Well one of the easiest ways to avoid clothing overwhelm is to work in capsules.

You will have seen blog posts before for creating a work wear wardrobe but today I want to share with you some ideas for making the most of your weekend staples. These are our favourite pieces after all, our off duty and relaxed loving the weekend pieces. Unless of course you work in retail or hospitality then you are probably at work, so save these for mid week!  

Choose a base colour 

To tie a look together, and to create several options from just a few pieces having a base colour is essential.  As we are (despite this wretched heat wave sweeping the country) approaching Autumn, I would choose navy.  Not as heavy as black which I love for winter and actually for most of the year but still a move away from the denim cut offs we have all been living in for the last few months.  This season I am loving the new Elwood range for its quality, versatility and gorgeous factor.  

 Select your highlight colours

Choosing your base colour is just the start and you don't need to work with navy but a colour that lends itself to being somewhat neutral is your best option. Then Select no more than three highlight colours to complement and diversify your looks for the season.

When choosing navy it is a no-brainer to highlight with white - for obvious reasons, navy and white are the quintessential modern classic combination.  For this season I also love military, not quite brown but not quite green either and it works beautifully with white and grey my other choice to round out the colour selection.

Add props and pops

Now when building a capsule there are a couple of more things to keep in mind.  Firstly you are not limited to a four colour season this is just the starting point.  Denim is a year round favourite which never dates.  Sure it changes form to suit the season but it is never out of season.  

A good quality denim jacket will last for several seasons and can be worn over a dress, with pants, shorts, play-suits or skirts and can even be tied around the waist.  Everyone needs at least one pair of jeans for autumn, a good quality pair of jeans with a bit of stretch will hold their shape and look and feel great.  This season's Mavi reform denim is an excellent choice for that very reason and the soon to arrive shades of Alexa Light Rinse Blue and Julie Military Twill will pair back beautifully with a classic tee and a soft grey cardigan. Also little details, pops of colour, footwear, jewelry and accessories can easily change the tone of an outfit.  

For example add a brightly coloured scarf, tee or sweater to your outfit; team it back with dark denim jeans and a navy jacket.  Strong colours like red also look great teamed with military.  You probably have loads of these pieces in your wardrobe already so you can add a lot of options by adding only a few new items.

 Combine textures 

The Elwood Esme dress in a slub linen is the perfect piece to transition from summer into autumn.  It looks great on its own but looks fabulous layered with the Elwood Kendall cardigan and a pair of ankle boots as the seasons slowly change.  Both in tones of grey but the textures of both pieces give interest to the whole outfit and prevent it from looking flat.

 Or combine the Elwood Lucy denim puffer vest with a basic white tee and military tencel pants and a Nixon Regain navy cable knit beanie adds just a little bit of variation in texture but a lot in overall interest.

Shop now wear later

The irritating thing about shopping for Autumn / Winter staples is that you have to buy it while its hot to wear it when its not!  So many times I have elected not to buy something fabulous because it is far too hot to wear it now only to find that when I go looking for it, it is long gone so drop into store or visit us online to start building your own trans-seasonal capsule and join me in doing a snow dance to bring on autumn.     

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