Boards to get you from A - B

Looking for a slick new board to get around on? We got the perfect drop of campus cruisers and street surfer boards that you can get from a to b on and still pop over a gutter. 

See our full range of Cruisers or check out 3 fav's below.
Gold Coast USA - 4D Cruiser
Slightly shorter and a bit fat round the middle the 4D is the fun drunken uncle of the Gold Coast cruiser line up, this wippy board has plenty of kick and suits a skater who's keen for a sneaky little shred on the way, big wheels keep this thing fast as well!

Gold Coast USA - Valve Drop Through
Holy sh*t forget your opinions on drop through set ups this thing is sick, at only 34 inches this puts all the stability of a lower deck into a ultra compact package thats perfect for smashing around the city with a slight w concave which make it sticky on the feet for sliding to a stop at lights. If you can live with out kicks then this hill is perfect and able to take on any hill with confidence in this surprisingly versatile little setup.

Z-Flex Street Rocket
Always popular the standard in old school cruisers, a fat board that comes with wide trucks and slightly harder wheels, a deck made to smack into a painted parking block and wheels you cess to a stop with out flat spotting, available in heaps of colours and styles.
February 10, 2016 by Jasper McDonald Blair
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